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Founded by Frank Toscano, FM Pools & Outdoor Living was born out of a desire to offer the same level of craftsmanship and quality for all outdoor needs as he did for home construction. Frank envisioned a company where clients could trust in a consistent standard of excellence, whether building a home or enhancing their outdoor spaces. At FM Pools, our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality remains unwavering, ensuring that every project reflects the dedication and expertise that define our brand.

Choose FM Pools for a transformative outdoor experience – where your existing pool becomes a modern marvel, and your outdoor space evolves into a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality. Let us craft your perfect oasis, meticulously designed and expertly executed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Remodeling Excellence: Beyond crafting stunning new pools, FM Pools takes pride in breathing new life into existing Gunite Pools. Our remodeling expertise is designed to transform your pool into a contemporary masterpiece, reflecting the latest trends and innovations in pool design. Whether it’s updating the aesthetics, enhancing functionality, or incorporating modern features, FM Pools.Net ensures that your pool remodel aligns seamlessly with the luxurious standards of today. A Complete Outdoor Oasis: FM Pools & Outdoor Designs is your comprehensive solution for all things outdoors. From the allure of inviting pools to the charm of pergolas, the functionality of outdoor kitchens, the beauty of pool decks, the lushness of artificial turf, and the elegance of driveways – we cover it all. Our commitment to being your one-stop source for outdoor excellence is reflected in every project we undertake. Licensed and Insured for Your Peace of Mind: At FM Pools.Net, we prioritize your peace of mind. We are proud to be a licensed and insured outdoor design and construction company, ensuring that every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Your outdoor space deserves the best, and we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every detail.

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