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What are Pool Deck Jets and Why Would You Need Them?

Pool deck jets are an attractive feature that can be added to any swimming pool. These are nozzles installed in the pool decking that shoot streams of water and light back into the pool, creating a visually stunning effect.

Reasons to consider a pool deck jet:

  • It Looks Cool. Pool deck jets add a dynamic visual element to your pool. The arching streams of water and light can be both soothing and mesmerizing, turning a simple pool into something greater.
  • Ambiance. The sound of flowing water from deck jets for pool creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing by the poolside.
  • Play Feature. For families, pool jets make swimming more fun for kids who enjoy playing in the water streams.
  • Increased Circulation. Pool jets help circulate the water, making a cleaner and healthier pool water by distributing chemicals evenly.
  • The lights can sink in color with all of your other pool lighting creating an amazing visual effect at night time.

All this makes pool deck jets a win-win for every pool owner. It not just makes your pool look more stunning, but it’s also a functional addition. 

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The Benefits of Pool Deck Jets Installation

Installing pool deck jets, particularly those with LED lights, brings even more advantages beyond the standard benefits. Pool deck jets with LED lights transform your swimming area into a vibrant and inviting night-time oasis. Lighted deck jets not only enhance the appearance of your pool but also improve safety, especially when swimming in low natural light.

Additional benefits of lighted deck jets include:

  • Safety. Illuminated water streams from deck jets for swimming pools help light up the pool area, making it safer for evening swims by improving visibility.
  • Energy Efficiency. LED lights consume less power compared to traditional pool lighting, reducing electricity costs while providing the same illumination.
  • Longevity. LEDs are known for their durability, requiring less frequent replacement, which means fewer maintenance concerns for homeowners.
  • Event Hosting. The dramatic effect of lighted deck jets creates a perfect place for evening parties and gatherings, making any event feel special.

This combination of functionality and style makes deck jets with lights an excellent investment for any pool owner.

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Choosing FM Pools & Outdoor Living for your deck jet installation in Florida is a wise decision. As specialists in outdoor living spaces, we provide top-quality services for deck jets for inground pool installation, including options with lights. Our expertise extends beyond just pools. We’re also skilled in installing driveway pavers and pool deck replacement, making us a smart choice for upgrading your property.

Benefits of working with FM Pools:

  • Expert Installation. Our team has extensive experience in setting up pool deck jets with lights, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process.
  • Customization. We offer personalized solutions. We can adapt the style and function of deck jets to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Better Looking Outdoor Area. We at FM Pools help you create a visually stunning outdoor area that complements your inground pool and overall landscaping of your backyard.
  • One-Stop Shop. With our ability to handle both your pool and driveway needs, as well as a dozen of other services like pool installation and remodel, outdoor kitchen installation, pergola, and others, coordinating your outdoor projects becomes simpler and delivers a more cohesive result.

Contact us today to upgrade your pool experience with our expert services.

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Frequently Questions About Deck Jets in Florida

Enhancing an existing pool with deck jets requires careful planning and precise execution to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics. For expert assistance in adding deck jets to your pool seamlessly and efficiently, we recommend consulting the professionals at FM Pools. With their hands-on experience and specialized knowledge, they can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and enhance your pool experience.

Yes, deck jets are suitable for use in saltwater pools commonly found in Florida. They are typically made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or PVC, ensuring durability and longevity even in saltwater environments. However, it’s essential to follow proper maintenance practices to prevent any potential corrosion issues over time.

Adjusting the direction of your pool deck jets requires careful consideration and precise adjustments to ensure optimal performance. For personalized guidance on how to change the direction of your pool deck jets effectively, we recommend reaching out to the professionals at FM Pools.

Preparing pool deck jets for winter requires careful attention to detail to protect them from potential damage during the colder months. For expert assistance in properly winterizing your pool deck jets and ensuring their longevity, we recommend reaching out to the professionals at FM Pools. With their hands-on experience and specialized knowledge, they can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs and protect your pool system throughout the winter season.

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