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In Florida, having a concrete inground pool is a win-win for every property owner due to the climate’s year-round warmth, which makes swimming pools a valuable addition to homes. Concrete pools, and especially custom concrete pools, boost property value and provide endless hours of fun and cooling relief from the heat.

There’s often confusion about the terms gunite and concrete when discussing pools. Essentially, gunite and concrete refer to similar materials, as gunite is a type of concrete. Both use a mixture of cement and sand, but the application process differs. Gunite is sprayed over a framework of steel reinforcing rods at high velocity to create the pool shell, making it particularly durable and adaptable for custom shapes. This makes gunite pool installation a popular choice, allowing for versatile, long-lasting designs that suit any Florida home.

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Benefits of a Gunite Pool

A gunite swimming pool offers quite a lot of advantages, particularly noted in its durability and flexibility in design. Gunite pools are a form of concrete inground pool, making them ideal for long-term use with a relatively low upkeep in the long run. The process of concrete inground pool installation involves spraying a mixture of cement, sand, and water onto a reinforced structural frame, creating a highly resistant structure for your enjoyment.

Here are several benefits of choosing a gunite pool:

  • Durability. Gunite is extremely sturdy, making inground concrete pools resistant to damage and wear over time.
  • Customization. The versatility of gunite allows you to choose shapes and sizes, fitting any backyard layout or design preference.
  • Value. Concrete inground pools can increase property value due to their permanent structure and attractive appearance.
  • Longevity. With proper maintenance, a gunite inground pool can last decades, making it a sound investment.

It is worth noting that all these benefits are available only if you choose an experienced and trusted pool installer in Florida.

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Get Concrete (Gunite) Pool Installation in Florida

Working with FM Pools & Outdoor Living for your concrete inground pool installation in Florida offers all the benefits you may need. As a leading gunite pool builder, we at FM Pools specialize in both gunite pool construction and pool deck replacement. This expertise ensures that every aspect of your outdoor living space is crafted to the highest standards.

Why choose FM Pools?

  • Cost Efficiency. We understand that prices can bite, that’s why we offer a competitive concrete inground pool cost, providing value without compromising on quality.
  • Comprehensive Expertise. Beyond just pool building, our services include pool deck replacement and extra additions like pool deck jets, creating a fully integrated, luxurious pool environment for your enjoyment.
  • Custom Design. We excel at custom inground concrete swimming pool designs that fit your space and style. Our gunite pools are designed to complement your home’s vibes and meet your specific needs.
  • Reliability. Trust in our proven track record as expert gunite pool builders to deliver a durable, beautiful pool that makes your property look better and cost way more.
  • Quality.  FM Pools go above and beyond the minimum requirements set by building codes.  You will see many pool builders only use a 4” to 6” thickness pool wall and pool floor.  Make sure you find out what your pool company is using because if the price is less there may be a reason why.  FM Pools use in some cases double the materials.  That additional quality comes at a cost so always make sure you are aware when a Pool Builder is cutting corners and offering you a cheaper price.  When your pool starts cracking you will understand the difference.

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Frequently Questions About Gunite Pool Installation in Florida

Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water sprayed onto a framework of rebar to create a durable and versatile pool structure. It’s popular due to its strength, flexibility in design, and ability to withstand various climates and conditions.

The construction timeline for a gunite pool can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the project, local regulations, weather conditions, and the availability of materials and labor. To get a precise estimate of the construction timeline for your gunite pool, we recommend reaching out to the professionals at FM Pools.

Yes, gunite pools are well-suited for Florida’s climate. Their durable construction withstands the heat, humidity, and occasional extreme weather events common in Florida, providing long-lasting enjoyment.

Maintaining a gunite pool in Florida involves various tasks to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. For personalized guidance on the specific maintenance requirements tailored to your gunite pool, we recommend consulting with the professionals at FM Pools.

Yes, one of the significant advantages of gunite pools is their flexibility in shape and design. You can customize the size, shape, depth, and features of your gunite pool to fit your preferences and the layout of your property. From freeform to geometric designs, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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