The actual process of remodeling a pool usually takes 3-4 weeks which will vary based on the scope of work. However, the time for permits will generally range 1-3 months and once the pool has been remodeled it needs to cure for about 30 days. All this information should be considered when planning when you would like your remodel done.
FM Pools only builds and remodels Gunite pools, which are the most prevalent type of pools in SE Florida
At FM Pools, all of our Design Staff is trained to review your property and the coverage that your city allows along with the setbacks and can come to your home and provide with a complimentary estimate.
FM Pools can definitely modernize your pool. Currently, pools with straight lines (rectangular) are the most popular. We can reshape your pool and also add a spa to it. We have all of the proper licenses and will work with our engineer to redesign the pool of your dreams.
It is always recommended that you file for permits for any pool remodeling project. This is done for 3 reasons-number 1-your pool contractor must be licensed and if they are not they would be unable to file for permits; number 2-most municipalities require it and will put a stop to your project if they catch you working without permits, they can also fine you and delay your project for a very long time; number 3-the municipality does inspections throughout your project and are actually there for your protection to make sure your contractor is doing everything according to code.
Once you have signed your agreement with FM Pools, we will immediately prepare your plans for filing with your municipality. Your plans should be filed within 2-4 weeks and the building departments range from 1-3 months. Pool construction should take 2-3 months and then the pool will need to cure for 30 days after completion. Remember that all work is done outdoors and weather is a huge factor in the time it will take to complete your pool. Most of our crews cannot work in the rain so when the rainy season hits you can expect a good deal of delays. In the best case scenario it will take 4.5 months and in the worst case it will take about 8 months to complete and be swimming.
Yes not only do we build Commercial Pools, but we also build locker/changing rooms; Pergola’s, Commercial Spas and install new decking.
Gunite pools offer durability, flexibility in design, and long-lasting construction. They can be customized to various shapes and sizes, providing a unique and aesthetically pleasing pool for your backyard.
FM Pools can enhance the modern appeal of your pool by incorporating features such as updated lighting, water features, and contemporary pool finishes. Our team can provide creative solutions to transform your pool into a stylish and modern outdoor space.
Yes, certain modifications to your pool, such as adding a spa or changing its shape, may require specific permits. FM Pools will handle the permit application process for you, ensuring that all necessary approvals are obtained before starting the remodeling project.

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